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Resources for Photographers...

LifePixel.com The premiere source for Infrared camera conversions! Their services are second to none and they have extensive educational material on Infrared Photography. See Susanna's gallery on their website at

LensWork magazine LensWork, in its 20th year, is published six times a year. In its pages you will find articles, interviews, and portfolios all about images and the creative process. Each high quality print magazine presents six black and white folios per issue (soon to change to include color, as well), while LensWork Extended, the digital version, also includes one or more folios in color. Check out LensWork Extended #118 for Susanna's Autumn 2014 abstract images!

Craft & Visionhttp://craftandvision.comA great source for cutting-edge books and videos — and, of course, Photograph magazine — by a variety of skilled and visionary photographers. All publications are packed with inspiration and instruction. Not to be missed!

The Arcanum, Magical Academy of Artistic Mastery The Arcanum has become my most important source of continuing growth as a photographer! It utilizes the time-tested method of training through assignments and critique, within the context of a Mentor ("Master") / Apprentice relationship. Augmented with feedback by fellow apprentices, I find my vision and skills growing by leaps and bounds in my chosen genre of abstract photography.

Martin Bailey Photography Martin is a wonderful photographer—and my mentor through The Arcanum, Magical Academy of Artistic Mastery (see below)—out of Tokyo, Japan. Martin teaches through workshops and tours in Japan, Africa, and Iceland, among other locations. He produces a blog and a weekly podcast on photography. He is also an expert printer, author of books and contributor to Craft & Vision's magazine Photograph (see below).

David DuChemin — Another awesome photographer and author (out of Canada), and the inspiration and moving force behind Craft & Vision and its magazine Photograph. David writes a blog that provides a continual flow of inspiring and informative articles. His Study the Masters series is a favorite. And, like Martin, be sure to view his portfolio

BackBlaze is a great way to get all your files backed up automatically. It's easy. It's secure. And if you lose data for any reason, you will be glad you have Backblaze backing up all of your files on the cloud. I began using this recently after having to install a new hard drive. BackBlaze truly did back up my computer quickly and efficiently. My other well-know cloud back-up is still plugging away—weeks later. Try BackBlaze!

MorePhotoswww.morephotos.comIs it time to get a new website or bring yours up to date? MorePhotos provides easy to build, affordable, responsive websites and a strong photo shopping/proofing cart. I discovered them at a photography conference and, since I was so unhappy with the provider I was using, decided to give them a try. Honestly, I am happier with my new MorePhotos website than I've ever been. It feels like me. Their templates offer a lot of options and the interface is easy to use. As far as the technical side, what I love about MorePhotos is that they offer personalized service. No more stupid emails telling me to go read a FAQ! MorePhoto's tech support folks actually talk on the phone with you, walk you through any aspect of the process.They're wonderful! So, give them a try today, you’ll get live tech support and a 60 day money back guarantee. Tell them I (Susanna Euston!) sent you.

Square — Another great service, but for processing credit card purchases by your customers. Use their Square swipe device on your smart phone or iPad. I find it quick and efficient. At the end of the day, Square automatically transfers your funds to your bank account. Much easier than another well-known credit card processing service.